67 Ancient eye bead necklace.

67 Ancient eye bead necklace.

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This is a necklace of ancient beads. The central bead is formed by very fine silver wire-work and granulation from old Bali. New Balinese silver is readily available but it is rare to find such a bead. It is hard to be precise about its age, but I think it is at least 100 years. old. The necklace is strung with natural coral and truly old eye beads, possibly Carthaginian or Egyptian dated between 600 BC and 400 AD. In the strand are two more old Bali silver beads, a couple of 'Buddha beads' (1 millennium), some blue Ming beads, and green Indo-Pacific beads.

The keeper is an abalone shell button. 

More details in Musings https://baliqueartsofindonesia.com/blogs/blog/ancient-eye-beads 

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